Nowadays for each product or service offered on the market, the buyer can compare in an easy way the quality of products or services on the basis of objective data. These are technical specifications for products, for services these are usually numerical data on which you can compare the competitors (eg interest rates for bank rates and speed for Internet and mobile service providers, ….)

Internet Minded certified©®™ will be an objective verification tool for checking the quality of a website.

By simply typing the url of the new website into this website application, the website will be scrolled through by a bot.

The result will show a detailed information, whether the website meets up the contemporary needs in order to obtain the “Internet Minded Certified©®™ quality Certificate”.

If so, there will be generated an automatic link which can be implemented into the developed website, so the visitor of this website can see the website has an Internet Minded Certified©®™ quality Certificate.

Websites which have this quality label will be automatically scanned regularly and so the quality label can be withdrawn at any moment from a distance.

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